Looking more than a little tired but definitely not beyond repair, this VW day van is still healthy enough to warrant a little TLC.

The dreaded metal worm is beginning to take its toll but like any illness, treat it early and it you have a better chance of making a complete recovery.

The first thing to do was remove all the trim, glass and rubber bits to see just how  big the job was going to be.

Then came the big reveal. 

Yes, there was a lot to be done, but there was still enough solid metal to weld new steel to.

Cutting away the bad steel, fabricating new parts and welding them into place came next before the application of that old favourite... anti-wrinkle cream.

A lot of rubbing down to make sure all the panel shapes are restored and then its into the paint booth for the first coat of primer.

A thorough inspection to reveal imperfections and once they've been sorted additional coats of primer are applied.

Then it's on with the first coat of top paint and another inspection, removal of any still noticeable imperfections and then after a quick buff additional top coats are applied to the client's desires.

Some parts are painted off the vehicle and attached once the vehicle has been buffed and polished to bring it to as near showroom condition as possible.

To be honest, we think it looks as good now, if not better, than when it rolled off VW's line. 

Oh, and we did the wheels as well.