An important part of our restoration and repairs business is the ability to collect and deliver vehicles.

So when we needed to replace our ageing breakdown truck with something better and capable of carrying larger vehicles we thought we would make our own.

First we needed a moderately straight platform - and this Iveco, though it may not seem it in this picture, was just what we were looking for with some minor damage but otherwise sound.

Stripping off the damaged panels revealed nothing frightening so while building the load platform we also repaired and resprayed the cab.

Behind the cab, we stripped off the old box body before preparing and priming the chassis.

A top coat in our corporate colour - red, as if you hadn't noticed - before laying on and securing the ladder of cross members ahead of the aluminium floor. Note the safe storage of the driver's seat - well it had to be kept somewhere during the cab works. 

Then we reassembled the cab with newly sprayed parts, refitted all its trimmings, fitted yellow roof lights, fitted the load platform and ramps and before we knew it the old girl was called into service, below.

The next step will be to have her sign-written... if she's ever still for long enough.