A new project arrives... a nice example of Rover P4 of about 1958 vintage.

Like a lot of 54-year-olds, she looks quite good from a distance.

The skin can still reflect nearby grass, though, so she's not too bad.

An odd blemish here and there. Mostly superficial

Once you get up close the years begin to show... but a little TLC and she'll be beautiful again.

While the body's being fettled, the cylinder head is going to modified to run on unleaded fuel and a problem with the engine will be sorted.

Once up on the ramp we got a chance to have a look underneath but one of the first things we spotted was the alignment of the offside front wing, which needs pulling forward as it's much too close to the wheel.

A heavy lift with this old girl, but the engine is removed... and then we spot two concerns.

First, the block is cracked and will need to be x-rayed to see if it is repairable.

Second, the nut that attaches the propshaft flange to the gearbox has sheared, which could mean stripping and rebuilding the gearbox to replace the shaft.

We're now awaiting the owner's advice on whether he wants to proceed.

Sadly, the decision was to not proceed.