Once somebody's pride and joy, this classic MG Roadster is looking pretty sorry for herself at the moment.

She has had extensive work done already to the front end, but there is still much to be done before she can see the working end of a spray gun.

In addition to the bodywork, there are also wiring looms issues to be resolved.

It's back to the bare metal for this fine lady, there's no point painting over the cracks, as the saying sort of goes.

The rubbing down continues...

But then the momentum switches from rubbing down to restoring.

The engine bay and internal floor are given a first coat of primer and already things are looking better.

Then a thin skin of that old lady's best friend, anti-wrinkle cream, is applied. Most will be rubbed off again leaving a smooth surface to paint and belying the old girl's age to the touch.

And then the true lines and smooth panels start to reappear.

The devil is most definitely in the detail, and getting the detail right in areas such as the shaping below the tail lights is crucial.

And then she's into the paint oven for a first coat of primer... and it's now we begin to see how much the hard work in preparation is worthwhile.

The doors are primed inside and out, the boot lid primed top and bottom - which posed a problem for the camera as the finish was so good it couldn't detect it for auto-focus.

Oh dear, we let Kev choose the colour and he picked his favourite, pink - you could say he takes 'pride' in his work...

Not really, this old girl looks F.A.B in Lady Penelope pink but it's only a primer to bring out the best of the flame red she will be.

The insides of the doors and the underside of the boot lid show the colour the car will be.

Then the engine bay, interior and boot interior all receive a first top-coat of the bright red.

This car is definitely going to be noticed when back on the road.

And then the top coat goes on and... well... wow!

There was no need to use the flash on these shots to show the depth and finish of the paint, in fact, the flash was too bright.

The inside of the doors enhance the overall effect (right) and the quality of the paint job is clearly visible in the bulkhead shot left...

...the rear end (right)...

...the rear light surround (left)...

...front light and tip of the front wing (right)...

...and the three-quarter front shot (left).

After a short delay, the first part of the wiring loom arrives and is quickly fed into the glittering engine bay and cockpit.

This project is ongoing