There are some cars which some of us just don't expect to see on a ramp being treated for the dreaded tin worm.

Among them is the Mazda MX5, a car praised from A-pillar to C-post (do you see what I did there..?) for being one of the best little sports cars available in Blighty.

But for those with more knowledge than the author of this page, it is apparently quite common for them to suffer an attack of Nottingham syndrome - see the Honda Civic page for an explanation - particularly in the sills in front of the rear wheels.

So, in she came and out came the cutting gear. First job was to remove the tin worm infestation, as can be seen in the uppermost pictures.

Fortunately, the inner sill had not yet been eaten away and needed only a good clean up before being treated to stop any further infestation.

Papa Smurf had bought new panels to weld in to replace the rotten bits but they were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard as they lacked the kink at the bottom which provides some of the strength on the car.

In truth, this gave PS a chance to play with his new folding toy and quite soon he had fashioned replacement parts that were better than the bought bits.

Treated internally, these were swiftly welded into place, primed and painted.

Now she just needs buffing and polishing and she'll look as good as new.

This project is ongoing