Actress Cameron Diaz is gorgeous... once she gets her make up on. But without it even she admits she's no oil painting.

This Jaguar XJS, a grande dame of classic British sports cars, is suffering the same plight. 

So if you don't want to see her looking her worst - the Jaguar, not Cameron - we ask you not to look at these pictures until she's had time to glam up.

Come back later when we've worked some magic... please!

We hope you're not looking yet...


Sadly, this project appears to have come to an untimely and unfortunate end with the demise of the owner.

And despite the fact that we understood this car was once owned by race ace Jackie Stewart (to be confirmed) it seems we are to be given the car in lieu of payment for the work we've done to date.

We don't know yet what to do with her. If you are interested, give us a call.