A lot of Honda Integra R owners become very attached to their cars and who can blame them.

At first glance this little lady looks quite tidy, at least she would with a bit of lustre in the paint.

But the dreaded tin worm is feasting on her hindquarters, as the two pictures from the customer's email clearly show.

The picture on the right shows the area in which the rust is hiding inside the car, on the join between the inner sill and the floor, but there is also filler lurking behind the paint here.

The first job is to cut through from the outside, taking care to cause as little damage to the paintwork as possible, then cut through the various inner layers until the 'infected' parts are all removed.

Work in progress... you can see the road through the gaps from inside the car.

With the tin worm cut away from the offside, we can begin the process of replacing the rotten metalwork.

The new galvanised metalwork is shaped and placed, tack welded and then fully welded before being prepared for paintwork.

The picture on the left shows the upper plate welded in and the lower one tack welded

Once the welding is completed, next comes a covering of zinc protection before the repaired sections receive a dab of anti-wrinkle cream and are prepped for primer.

Did anyone spot that the decals weren't on straight..? Neither did we until we saw the car at eye-level.

The pictures left and right show the quality of the repair from the outside, but both sides look good from the inside too (below left).

Having visited the garage and seen the quality of our work, the client has now asked for a couple more bits to be repaired while we have the car in bits.

The two repaired rear sections receive a first coat of primer.

And then the top coat is applied, but there's no point spoiling the ship for a ha'pennyworth of tar so the whole of the panel is painted.

A couple of bits of bodywork, brake calipers and wheels still to do before a full polish to restore lustre over the whole body and then the decals go back on... straight!

First,though, the underneath gets a respray of its own.

And then the newly painted calipers are refitted..

Put back together, every panel has been cut and buffed to a shine.

The newly painted wheels are back on.

One final polish and the decals back on and she'll be on her way home...

And another happy customer drives away...