Just across the county border, Nottinghamshire was once famous for its lace.

And underneath its seemingly well-preserved exterior, this 1996 Honda is suffering from a severe dose of Nottinghamshire syndrome.

Both back wheel arches had more holes than metal, as became apparent on close inspection. (Sorry about the quality of the pics, but they show the extent of the problem).

Strangely, the driver's door striker plate was also showing a touch of Nottinghamshire-worm so that too had to be cut out (below left).

Back to the rear wheel arches - the first job was to cut away all the lacy metal to see just how big the restoration job was going to be. Answer: BIG.

Papa Smurf, Roger, set about cutting and shaping new parts. Three of these flexible friends were needed for the driver's side arch and two-and-half on the passenger side. 

Cutting, folding, snipping, clamping, spot welding, seam welding, the driver's side rear wheel arch takes on a more solid form again, more fleece than lace, and work begins on building up the passenger side wheel arch.

If it all seems a bit extravagant for such an old lady, think on. This is the owner's runabout - his other car really is a Porsche - and like most Honda's it has proved mechanically bulletproof so why shouldn't he show a bit of TLC to her back end (oh behave - you know what we mean).

After cutting away the lacework, cutting and shaping new steel, fitting, welding, smoothing... next comes the anti-wrinkle cream.

Things always look wose at this stage, we think, but after this comes the beauty treatment...

This project is on-going.