Here is something you really don't see very often, if at all... an early 1980s Fiat Super Strada Cabrio.

A Fiat that's 28 years old would be rare enough, but a Cabrio..?

She's not in bad fettle but one back wheelarch has rotted to sub MoT standard and needs cutting out, replacing and repainting.

Up on the ramp and first the rear bumper comes off.

Then, merciless as it may seem, the rusted wheelarch is cut away.

The removed section laid out on the floor (left).

The new wheelarch is positioned ready to be welded into place (right).

The new arch is then spot welded into place and ground smooth.

A little anti-wrinkle cream and any rough edges are smoothed over ready for priming (left).

But both rear seatbelt anchor points need repairs as they have rusted through - the unfinished repairs to the nearside (right) and the plated but not yet ground smooth section on the offside (left).

Next comes a layer of pre-primer which helps sight the line between paints (left) before the first coat of primer goes on (right) and the finish on the new wheelarch is evident.

And finally resprayed, even the bumper-mounting lug (visible left) which had to be separately fabricated and welded into place.

Now it's just a case of putting all the bits back together...

And there she is... una bella donna... oh come on, she's Italian!