This 1964 Bedford Dormobile was looking a bit tired when it was delivered to our garage.

There were various patches of body which had seen better days and the customer felt it needed an "Anne Robinson" - that's a major facelift to you and me - including a  respray.

First registered in the early "Heartbeat" days, this baby could easily have a film career when restored.

You can't paint over brightwork so it has to be removed or masked.

And then you have to sand off blemishes...

...and remove some parts, like the back doors, altogether.

When this lady first hit the streets many manufacturers were still using enamel paint. Testing an area to make sure there will be no reaction to modern paints is essential.

To get a perfect finish it is vital to  ensure the body panels are as straight as possible and that means adding a bit of anti-wrinkle cream to smooth out the lines that inevitably come with age.

Then the foundation has to be applied...

...before it's into the paint oven for several coats of fake tan (or quality primer).

Once primed, the white paint is applied for the stripe/decal and then that is masked off before the new green top coat can be applied...  so close now.

A smile is coming back to the old girl's pug-like face...

...and with a good quality top coat she is beginning to look like her young self again.

The stripe and 'shark fin' were not easy to get right given that they follow no natural line or contour, but we think this works.

Once finished she's driven out into the sunshine where she shines like a new pin.

Look at the reflections in the paintwork right and below.

This project is now complete and we have another happy customer, even though the job was slightly over budget.